The GIS technology group (aka GDMC) is involved in various education programmes, the most important are the Master of Science Geomatics, the Master of Science GIMA, and the Graduate School / Geonatura courses (ABE017 Introduction to GIS, ABE018 GIS applied in various domains).

MSc thesis topics
We maintain a list of potential MSc thesis topics for MSc Geomatics and MSc GIMA students.

An older, no longer maintained, list of topics can be found in the MSc topics archive (but this list clearly shows the 'width' and 'depth' of possible topics).

The Geonatura project is an 'Open Educational Resources platform for Geomatics applications to social and environmental issues' within the Erasmus+ programme. The purpose is to provide e-learning and training to Higher Education students on GIS and Geomatics from the four countries involved in the partnership by their universities (universities of Glasgow, Delft, Florence, Lisbon NOVA). The TU Delft developed 2 MOOCs of which the related video material can be found below:

MOOC 3 videos on Land administration
- Land Administration 05:37 video Ploeger/van Oosterom
- Land Administration - LADM 08:09 spoken slides
- UML 06:25 spoken slides
- 3D Cadastres 05:07 spoken slides
- LADM v2 and 3D 28:04 video van Oosterom

MOOC 4 videos on nD-modelling using point clouds
- Direct and explorative use of nD-PointClouds 12:24 video Verbree/Meijers
- Direct and explorative use of nD-PointClouds 09:01 spoken slides
- Managing nD-PointClouds 33:57 video van Oosterom
- Continuous LoD nD-PointClouds 38:59 video van Oosterom

The MSc Geomatics information video:

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