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 When  What  Where
   February 17  NCG Studiedag Integratie Basisgegevens  Utrecht, The Netherlands
   June 13-16  AGILE 2023, Spatial data for design  Delft, The Netherlands
   July 5-7  CAAD Futures 2023  Delft, The Netherlands
   October 11-13  The 11th International FIG Workshop on the Land Administration Domain Model / 3D Land Administration  Gavle, Sweden
   October 31  NCG-studiedag GeoAI & Energietransitie  Utrecht, The Netherlands


   March 31 - April 2  The 10th FIG Land Administration Domain Model Workshop  Dubrovnik, Croatia
   June 22  NCG Seminar Point Clouds, Digital Twins and Land Administration  Delft, The Netherlands
   June 24  The 9th FIG Workshop on the Land Administration Domain Model / 3D Land Administration  online
   October 11-13  7th International FIG Workshop on 3D Cadastres  online
   May 7, June 4+11  NCG Seminar Point Clouds  online
   May 10-14  FIG Workimg week 2020  Amsterdam, The Netherlands
   November 5  NCG Symposium 2020  Delft, The Netherlands
   November 5-6  23th ICA Workshop on Map Generalisation and Multiple Representation  Delft, The Netherlands
   October 1-3  LADM 2019 workshop  Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
   October 1-5  Joint Geo Delft Conference 2018  Delft, the Netherlands
   October 1-5  ISPRS Technical Commission IV Symposium 2018  
   October 1-2  13th International 3D GeoInfo Conference  
   October 2-4  6th International FIG Workshop on 3D Cadastres  
   October 4-5  3rd International Conference on Smart Data and Smart Cities  
   March 16-17  LADM 2017 workshop  Delft, the Netherlands
   October 18-20  5th International FIG Workshop on 3D Cadastres  Athens, Greece
   December 8  Management of massive point cloud data: wet and dry (2)  Delft, the Netherlands
   November 9-11  4th International FIG 3D Cadastre Workshop  Dubai, United Arab Emirates
   December 19  Symposium 'NCG in beweging' at Geofort  Herwijnen, the Netherlands
   September 24-25  LADM 2013 Workhop (in conjunction with ISG'13)  Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
   May 29-31  29th Urban Data Management Symposium  London, United Kingdom
   December 13-14  Gi4DM 2012  Enschede, the Netherlands
   October 25-26  3rd International Workshop on 3D Cadastres  Shenzhen, China
   July 6  LADM workshop  Rotterdam, the Netherlands
   November 16-18  2nd International Workshop on 3D Cadastres  Delft, the Netherlands
   September 28-30  28th Urban Data Management Symposium  Delft, the Netherlands
   June 26-28  6th International 3D GeoInfo Conference  Wuhan, China
   May 3-8  Gi4DM 2011  Antalya, Turkey
   November 3-4  5th International 3D GeoInfo Conference  Berlin, Germany
   November 26  Management of massive point cloud data Seminar  de Meern, the Netherlands
   November 4-5  4th International 3D GeoInfo Workshop  Ghent, Belgium
   September 17  Studiemiddag 'Geo-informatie kent geen tijd?' (in Dutch)  Utrecht, the Netherlands
   June 29 - July 2  CompGeo '09  Yongin, Korea
   June 26-27  27th Urban Data Management Symposium  Ljubljana, Slovenia
   March 22  Hippolytus lezing (in Dutch)  Delft, the Netherlands
   December 18  Core Spatial Data Seminar  Delft, the Netherlands
   November 19  GIS Day 2008 / Geomatics Quiz (in Dutch)  Delft, the Netherlands
   November 13 -14  3D Geoinfo '08  Seoul, South Korea
   August 4-6  Joint ISCRAM-China and Gi4DM Conference  Harbin, China
   June 30 - July 3  CompGeo '08  Perugia, Italy
   June 17  Seminar en workshops Open Source GEO-ICT (in Dutch)  Delft, the Netherlands
   December 12-14  2nd International Workshop on 3D Geo-Information  Delft, the Netherlands
   November 14  GIS Day 2007 (in Dutch)  Delft, the Netherlands
   October 10-12  26th Urban Data Management Symposium  Stuttgart, Germany
   May 23-25  Gi4DM 2007  Toronto, Canada
   November 15  GIS Day 2006 (in Dutch)  Delft, the Netherlands
   September 25-26  Gi4DM 2006  Goa, India
   May 15-17  25th Urban Data Management Symposium  Aalborg, Denmark
   April 28  Studiedag 3D Topografie (in Dutch)  de Meern, the Netherlands
   January 26  4th GML Relay  Emmen, the Netherlands
   November 16  GIS Day 2005 (in Dutch)  Delft, the Netherlands
   March 21-23  Geo-information for Disaster Management Symposium  Delft, the Netherlands
   December 9-10  Standardization in the Cadastral Domain Conference  Bamberg, Germany
   November 17  GIS Day 2004 / Standards in Action / 3rd GML Relay  Delft, the Netherlands
   No./vember 19  GIS Day 2003 (in Dutch)  Delft, the Netherlands
   December 13  2nd GML Relay  Emmen, the Netherlands
   November 20  GIS Day 2002 (in Dutch)  Delft, the Netherlands
   November 28-30  3D Cadastres Workshop  Delft, the Netherlands
   November 14  GIS Day 2001 (in Dutch)  Delft, the Netherlands
   June 12  1st GML Relay  Wageningen, the Netherlands
   November 15  GIS Day 2000 (in Dutch) / Opening GDMC  Delft, the Netherlands
   July 12-14  Accuracy 2000  Amsterdam, the Netherlands
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