The First International Symposium on Geo-information for
Disaster Management

Delft, The Netherlands
March 21-23, 2005

The fundamental goal of the Symposium is to tackle Disaster Management problems in their entirety, considering:

  • Technology (both software and hardware applicable for Disaster Management)
  • User requirements for geo-information (both management and mobile users)
  • Information providers (data and standards)


  • To establish the state-of-the-art in Disaster Management
  • To review tools, software, existing geo-information sources, organizational structures and methods for work in crisis situations
  • To outline drawbacks in current use, discovery, integration and exchange of geo-information
  • To make suggestions for future research directions

Keynote speakers

  • Michael Goodchild (University of California, Santa Barbara):
    Geo-information science for disaster management
  • Richard Guillande (CSC, GeoSciences Consultants s.a.r.l, Bagneux, France) Fast Delivery of geo-information for disaster recovery after the Tsunami in South East Asia
  • Dick Schoof (Director-General Safety, on behalf of the Minister of the Interior and Kingdom Affairs, the Netherlands): Geo-information and disaster management from the perspective of a responsible national government
  • D. Muhally Hakim (Bandung Institute of Technology, Indonesia): Local geo-information support for disaster management for Banda Atjeh
Important deadline

Late registration: February 1 - March 15, 2005

Intended audience

Researchers, developers, users and geo-information providers are cordially invited.
Wider participation is sought. To create an appropriate atmosphere for work and discussions between different professionals, two types of sessions are intended: technical sessions devoted to research and development, and practical sessions for users and managers.


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