Programme ----- Wednesday 2nd July 2008

Below is the list of accepted papers

Yutaka Yanagisawa. Predictive Indexing for Position Data of Moving Objects in the Real World

Seda Unal Calargun and Adnan Yazici. Fuzzy Association Rule Mining from Spatio-Temporal Data.

Niels Charlier, Guy De Tre, Sidharta Gautama and Rik Bellens. A twofold fuzzy region model for imprecise quality control of geographic information

Astrid Jurisch and David Mountain. Evaluating the Viability of PictometryR Imagery for Creating Models of the Built Environment.

Mikhail Kanevski, Vadim Timonin and Alexei Pozdnoukhov. Automatic Decision-Oriented Mapping of Pollution Data

Tomislav Hengl, Emiel E. van Loon, Henk Sierdsma and Beek-Ubbergen. Advancing spatio-temporal analysis of ecological data: examples in R.

Rudiger Gobel and Alexander Zipf. How to define 3D Geoprocessing Operations for the OGC Web Processing Service (WPS)? Towards a Classification of 3D Operations

Ivan Lizarazo and Paul Elsner. Fuzzy Regions for Handling Uncertainty in Remote Sensing Image Segmentation

Arie Croitoru. Deriving and Mining Spatiotemporal Event Schemas in In-Situ Sensor Data

Pravesh Debba, Alfred Stein, Freek van der Meer, John Carranza and Arko Lucieer. Field Sampling from a Segmented Image